OMAC – Old Mapoon Aboriginal Corporation

Old Mapoon Aboriginal Corporation acknowledge the Traditional Owners and Custodians of the land on which we meet, walk, work and live.

We acknowledge the Elders, past and present and the care they have given this country.

Mapoon Land has had a traumatic recent history. In 2001, then Premier Beattie apologised on behalf of the people of Queensland for the events that led to the 1963 forced removal of all residents of Mapoon, and the burning of their homes. He described the events as “a blight on the history of the State”.

The town of Mapoon is now home too many native title holders and other people who are Aboriginal people particularly concerned with the land, as that term is defined in the Aboriginal Land Act. Those people have returned to Mapoon and rebuilt the community. Native title has been recognised over much of the Mapoon Land and OMAC has supported that recognition.

OMAC aims ensure the Aboriginal people from Mapoon and surrounding areas have access to their country, to share their culture with future generations and to ensure that their country is protected. Formed in 2012, OMAC are trustees of over 175,400 hectares of land around Mapoon.

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OMAC is a young corporation that is developing rapidly. Please check back to this website regularly to stay across developments.

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