Directors represent the Mapoon community, and they are the link between the OMAC office and the community. Members are only eligible to become a director if they live in Mapoon.

Our Rule Book sets out the composition and responsibilities of our governing board of directors and other regulatory mechanisms to ensure adherence to relevant legislation and transparently and accountability. The Rule Book also sets out how our members can exercise their rights.

Board of Directors

OMAC is governed by a board of four directors that is elected by corporation members every year (directors sit for a 2-year term before the must stand down and may nominate for re-election). All four directors are members of the corporation.

OMAC enacts policies developed through the leadership of the CEO.

Robyn Bartlett, CEO

Robyn Bartlett became Chief Executive Office of OMAC in November 2018. As a lawyer or some 15 years, she has extensive experience in both the resources and energy sector as well as native title and cultural heritage, and how the two intersect and operate together.

Having been raised on and around Cape York, Robyn has a deep understanding of Indigenous disadvantage. She is committed to improving Indigenous disadvantage in Mapoon and providing opportunities for the people of Mapoon.


Please meet our current Board of Directors

Delora Nixon

Delora is a Warranggu woman. Dolla is a keeper of much knowledge. With a constant finger on the pulse of Mapoon, Dolla is a vital link between community and OMAC.

Cameron Hudson

Cameron is a proud Ankamuthi man with extensive knowledge of the Mapoon area and it’s cultural values. Cameron aims to achieve the best possible outcomes for those concerned with the land and to live in harmony with nature.

Andrewena (Diane) Nichols

Diane, a Tjungundji woman has a strong love of culture and country. Di has worked avidly alongside the Mapoon Rangers and now spends lots of time teaching kids the art of traditional dancing. Diane’s portfolio is land and sea.

William Busch

A Yupungathi elder, William has significant experience working in the mining industry.  As a young man, William spent many years diving for pearls. With a vast history, he provides a depth of experience to the OMAC team.  William’s portfolio is providing for the needs of the elderly.

Geraldine Mamoose

As a Tjungundji woman, Geraldine found her path working for MASC, particularly in the Ranger program. Geraldine is determined to see the youth of Mapoon complete meaningful education and have employment opportunities without having to leave their families and the community.